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My Background


Ramon Rodriguez ,best known as Jc Seven HD, born in San Juan de la Maguana , Dominican Republic a young man with a vision, Jc Seven HD was determined to pursue his passion for the big screen and film. His parents wanted the outside an engineer , but that his ambition to become a professional director , he decided to go down that road.

JC Seven HD took the initiative to start learning in film school , where he studied and took courses and workshops television and film production management . Seven HD Jc continued his education studying at the internet looking for online courses where watching dawn management courses and editing video.

All their effort and dedication paid off as he made ​​a good acceptance in your country, gaining recognition as one of the best directors , awarded by Charlie Valens in the Dominican Republic , for whom he directed music videos in the industry music. He drew the attention of the Artist " Calapeso el Dollar " . Where I present your project and given the opportunity to enter the company "JP INC RECORDS " where he began working and so he met Carlos Valdez and Manuel DH , where he learned things important that helped you grow in the area of music videos .

After artists such as : Jacool el Fenomeno , Black Jonas Point , El Clasico Mayor , Calapeso el Dollar , Neto Sorpresa , he hired as director of all his concert tour throughout the Dominican Republic . Later in his career, Jc Seven HD meets with another artist, Chimbala where he made ​​several successes in music videos such as : Conceals , Yo La I wanted Stack , Ella Ta Loca . 

Currently in 2014, Seven HD Jc her new music video work with international artists ' Jowell Y Randy titled " Pa Los Motels and is working on a script for a short film began filming in January 2015, has the vision of this short out a positive message to all young people and adults in the world. And with more projects in mind that will cause very good acceptance of the public.